Neus Martín Royo

Pintures realistes

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Martín Royo

Graduate in Fine Arts from Central University
from Barcelona.
Specialty: painting.
Arts and Offices.Specialty: engraved.
Barcelona Provincial Council.

His neighborhood of Poblenou in the midst of transformation, the Barcelona of the shops and bars of other times that still stand, the old buildings of the Habana, the lighthouses of Menorca that resist the firing of the winds or the wide spaces that are no-man’s, located at the border of what is urban… have always been the favourite themes of Neus Martín Royo. These places become small heroes with souls, vestiges of the past which, with their real and mysterious presence nearby, are not disturbing, win our empathy and invite us to enter the picture.

These are places she has internalized and humanized through her emotional filter and of which she wants to take special care so that time is not taken away. It’s as if I wanted to pin on the painting the memory that preserves it.

The absence of the human figure contributes to creating an atmosphere of serenity, silence and solitude.
It is expressed in a very personal language based on a visible brushstroke that applies to a first carbonet drawing. The transparency with which he works allows him to keep the initial black stroke when he wants to accentuate certain shadow spaces or some profiles. Creates “hopperian” light atmospheres to accentuate the mysterious character of the scene and uses a certain tone of warm but contrasted colours, alluding to the passage of time.

Neus Martín Royo began her career as a painter in 1988, and since then she has been affirming her personality, in a very coherent line, through numerous samples in Catalonia, Spain and in various European and American cities. He has obtained more than a fortnight awards and his work is featured in important institutional and private collections.


When I planned my study, I thought of a space in which there was basically natural light, fresh air, colors and textures to inspire, and last but not least, I thought of living nature that gave me peace.

The brushes, the waxes, the oils and many other materials in my workshop, work with perfect armour with my plants… They complement and allow new realities, thought only by you.

Drawing and Painting Classes

Monday to Thursday from 17h to 21h.
I offer classes of small groups, with personalised attention and continuous, flexible hours. Different levels.
Adults, young people and children.
We have worked all the techniques and I have offered my experience as a teacher and artist for over 30 years.

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